Shamanic Forest Therapy Course

Coming soon

The course will be published in 2024

I offer private and group sessions of Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) as a certified Guide. We’ll merge with the beauty of nature in the South Queensferry area in Edinburgh or if you wish to work online, we can work with your plants,  embracing Japanese rituals of the Yamabushi Shamans and practicing Forest Bathing.

If you have ever been among trees in a woodland, listening to the birds, walking, or simply searching for some silence, you have already experienced the Japanese practice of shrin-yoku or forest bathingIn Japanese, “shinrin” means forest and “yoku” means bath, or immersing oneself in the forest and soaking in the atmosphere through the senses.

Breathing deeply and finding peace in nature has a massive positive role on your body and mind. Plants release substances from their leaves that are effective in positively stimulating the immune system, as many studies have proved. Forgetting your mobiles and usual busy schedule, in the magic atmosphere of nature , you will take this time off for yourself only to re-build and re-create the cycle that naturally links human beings with nature as a part of the whole. It will be your slowing down time to re-connect literally with your roots. 

Some time of digital detoxing will help you to pay attention to your breath, to use all of your senses, to meditate while walking, to dance freely, to stay silent. When did you last touch a tree trunk, or notice the symphony of animals and leaves dancing around you?

We will create our sacred space in this time of reconnection with a shamanic ceremony . In this ceremony, you will receive guidance, healing and inspiration, you will learn how to create an altar, smudging with burning sacred herbs, calling the seven directions and then receiving your talking stick to share your heart with your close beautiful circle of souls for this circle.

A ceremony is spontaneous, a ceremony is unique, a ceremony is a direct connection with the spirits of the land. 

Think about what you need to re-create in your life. Think about what you want to re-connect with along your path.

Ask for guidance and the fairies will answer, they always do.

Sessions normally last at least 120min plus the walking time to enter the woodland and find a suitable spot according to the season changes in the green (allow extra 30/45min walk and return ) and the current price is for 1-1.  Private groups will receive a bespoke quote. If you wish to have a longer session a bespoke price will be provided.