School of Shamanism


Find your inspiration to cross your limits and discover your potentialities


We all tend to think that everything is going around us: we are self-centric human beings.

But everything and everyone in this universe is connected, like a bird that, with one wing, cannot fly to the other bank of the river. We all need inspiration from others to cross our limits and discover our potentialities. The first step is to search for that river though.

We like the element of choice: people that choose to search, to go over, to go beyond, dig within themselves. Are you one of them?

During retreats, when you meet yourself, you have a great opportunity to clean your mind in the same way you clean your teeth every day; a chance to learn from your mistakes, to lose your control and change your habits. How? Using outside techniques like art, and a holistic approach to direct your efforts and energy inside


Our retreats are journeys of transformation to beautiful spots in the world. The aim is not to become good or special people, but simply to be yourself, centred and balanced in your body, mind and spirit.

Our retreats are vehicles that help your creativity to flow using painting, music, drawing and dance in an harmonious alchemy with meditation, yoga, reiki, Ayurveda and shamanic healing.

We support your inner growth, connecting with your Higher Self to bring a feeling of aliveness. We also support your growth with healthy food. In our retreats eating is in fact an essential element of balance. We like to call it med-eat-ation not simply food. Our food is organic and locally sourced, wherever possible, and always inspired by the theme of the retreat. It is prepared with love by our Italian Food Artist, Gloria, who looks for perfection in the kitchen.


We like being with you while you discover the bigger picture of life. We like giving you the tools to unveil the magic mystery, and to share your challenges with people facing the same questions.

I have already mentioned that there is one condition: You need to be an Inner Explorer to enter our Caim; our Circle of Connections and experience; our thirst for the Higher Self. We cannot promise that after spending a retreat together your fears will be gone, as that is your process. But we will put all our efforts into helping you to return in a calm concentrated state. Remember that energy follows focus, and remember that ten minutes a day of meditation can change your life.

What potential benefits can a transformational retreat bring?

“Our quest is a journey without distance.
You travel from where you are right now to where you have always been,
From ignorance to recognition.”

Anthony De Mello, Indian writer