Rediscover your Passion for Life


  • For those who feel drained of any enthusiasm,
  • For those who have constant anxiety and fear,
  • For those who no longer have aspirations or dreams,
  • For those who feel that their energy no longer flows and therefore only attracts misfortune,
  • For those who feel empty and unsatisfied, 
  • For those who feel constantly tired,
  • For those who strive tremendously without results
  • For those who feel alone even when in the midst of others

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that stubbornly repeat themselves. 

To overcome the impasse, what we need is ENERGY!
There is but one energy: the sexual nervous energy that in yoga is called KUNDALINI which, rising through the various chakras, is transformed into multiple possibilities and gifts. In the first two chakras it acts as sexual energy, primal hunger, survival instinct, emotionality. In the third chakra it is will power. In the fourth chakra it is the desire to love and creative capacity. In the fifth chakra it is both the power of communication and the ability to travel between worlds. In the sixth chakra is the power of vision. In the seventh chakra it is spiritual power. It is always the same sexual nervous energy that transforms.
Kundalini is the energy that elevates us beyond the ordinary mind.

The awakening of kundalini corresponds to the activation of human potential. This awakening only happens if you are not afraid and do not feel guilty, only if you feel united with the whole and can give yourself to the invisible, to fall in love with mystery.
Eros is nervous energy of a sexual nature, which rises up through the chakras along the spinal column and is transformed and manifested in different capacities and possibilities. Eros serves to unite the visible and invisible, i.e. the manifest image with its meaning. This union is achieved by living passionately, by making the capacity for wonder prevail over judgement and by choosing love over fear.
Eros shapes events, in fact all forms of magic use erotic energy to practise. Understanding what eros really is and how to use it gives us access to the spiritual art of magic.
To overcome the sense of isolation and separation and rediscover the joy of union.
To have great energy at your disposal to achieve your goals.

And doing things sets the magic in motion: we start doing something, and by doing it, we become a little better at it. By becoming better at it, we derive more satisfaction from what we do.As we derive more satisfaction from what we do, we continue doing it, and we get better and better at it, thus triggering a virtuous circle.
And the magic happens the moment talent and passion intersect.
Then, yes, we will be able to create something amazing.
In order to reawaken your Kundalini, we are going to use Shamanic practices (rituals and shamanic yoga).
The first thing to do will be to learn how to land and being grounded, identifying yourself with your heart to attract synchronicities and develop a strong love-faith.

  • All your human potentials will be awaken and activated again,
  • You will be able to go beyond the limits imposed by your mind and the fear that the mind brings into being,
  • You will live with passion, enthusiasm and creativity again, 
  • You will rediscover the joy of togetherness,
  • You will have great energy to meet your soul mission

You can choose: Online 

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Full non residential week-end

2025 – dates to be published 

Mid/High income £200

Low income £150