If you usually rely on spirituality to guide your actions in life, you will certainly enjoy numerology, the study of the mystical relationships between numbers and letters. As with most “divination arts” (not meant as predicting the future) , numerology is a tool that helps us better understand ourselves and others, and how we relate to the world in general. It can also reveal our true desires and what we need to achieve them, and it is also an extraordinary tool for understanding our karma and what we carry with us from one relationship to the next. It is also an amazing tool to understand our soul mission, what our present incarnation stands for this life.

I have become a professional Numerologist at the Connaissance School of Numerology in England which teaches a unique Soul-based approach to Numerology, developing intuition based on numbers. And before starting a reading, I merge with my Spirit Guide so that I’m sure I’m guided channeling shamanically what i need to pay attention to while doing the chart. 

An esoteric numerology reading means that my interpretation is determined by the energy that I feel when I write down  your date of birth, your name and all the numbers that come with it. It starts with notions, but whether or not these are developed as potentials in your life, this is perceivable by the vibration that your numbers give off. 

“How is an individual Numerology consultation carried out?”

You will receive a pdf that includes your personal chart drawn by hand (as I need to perceive the energy vibration of your numbers) and a printed legenda explaining everything.

Then a long explanation of the whole vision explained in a flowing version from a wider perspective including some of the following elements (again, every reading is different, so I always see what drives my attention, not everything listed):

Your most authentic aspirations, Your work predispositions, Your personality, Practical suggestions for making the best use of your talents. The numerology reading allows you to recognise who you really are, just like looking in a mirror for the first time. It will help you to let go of the conditioning you have suffered and finally choose your own path by opening the wings of your innate possibilities. In the personalised numerology reading we will explore the numbers of your song, expression and soul (and more).The deep desires you may be ignoring and what you can finally do to achieve them! Where you’ve been putting your energy wrong and how you can make an easy and effortless “transition” to end the struggle ..What drives you, your attitude towards work and the perfect environment you need to thrive professionally… Secret talents and hidden strengths (and how to use them to get what you really want!) Powerful insights into your persona, quirky personality traits and the unique ways you relate to others.  Upcoming challenges and lessons you should learn in this life, as well as unexplored opportunities and changing your life for the better.

And the next months vision offered not as a tool of divination, but as an opportunity to see what potentials you could express in the upcoming months and in the whole year. 

“What is needed?”

Name, (middle name), surname as on your documents

Date and time of birth specifyng am or pm

You will also have the opportunity to arrange 20 min free zoom chat if you have questions. 

Numbers bring wonder, amazement and enlightenment. Those who study mathematics at the highest level are somehow compelled to confront the spiritual energies, for the One is Divine and the All. If the Divine is immanent and hidden in all Creation, number is His/Her outward expression. And when I say Divine, I mean the Universe, Nature, God, whatever you believe as the force guiding our lives. 

Everything in nature obeys absolute laws, of which number is the key to interpretation. Each number is a power in itself and evokes a particular energy and represents it; in each number is concentrated a great quantity of notions, of similarities, of correspondences, therefore, to act with numbers is to act with energy, to read numbers is to read the type of energy. Materiality is made up of numbers. Everything that exists is composed of vibrations, of cycles, of frequencies… everything has a number. Therefore, numbers are absolutely essential for the very existence of matter as it is conceived on a human level.