Monthly shamanic circles

The mood of our Monthly Shamanic Circles- online and at the Art and Spirituality Centre in Gorgie, Edinburgh is  powerful, dynamic, charming, funny, artistic and relaxing. Be ready to merge fully each month with powerful Toltec Rituals, Ceremonies, Initiations, Storytelling, Sharing time, Japanese Shamanic Forest Bathing, Cacao Ceremonies, Rites, Mandalas  and Esoteric Numerology readings to find your Ikigai (your soul mission), Divination tools, Shamanic Journeys, Meditations and more. 

Our circles are open to everyone and no experience is required. You can expect different themes each month (see below).

Each circle is 2 hours (2-4pm) and costs £25+booking fees

1st OCTOBER 2023


If you can be fluid like the river, if you can change incessantly like the river, you are very powerful because you can adapt to any natural change, because you flow together with all of nature. Accepting your impermanence, not attaching yourself to a theory, to a knowledge, but flowing like the river helps you to be powerful, successful; he who knows how to vanish, disappear, transit, who is adaptable like the river is successful. Heraclitus said: a man cannot bathe twice in the same river. Of course, because the next moment the river is already gone, it has vanished, there is another river in its place. Everything appears and disappears, everything is an image and the main characteristic of images is pulsation.

4th NOVEMBER 2023


The soul mate is an archetype, a symbol and can have various meanings: it is not only the right partner for us but it can be the right job for us, the right spiritual path for us. The soul mate is our mirror, so to find them is to find ourselves. Because it’s an archetype, it’s reflected in various images, it’s a single beam of light and so we have to understand that it’s the archetype of love which is the purpose of our soul to find love again. In the journey of life there is something that separates us from Love, because our natural state is to be united with Love. In nature there is no ugliness and beauty is the representation of love and beauty is evanescent, impermanent. Love is the capacity to give itself in nature and we are nature.

3rd DECEMBER 2023


Anxiety is the fear of the unknown and it’s our mind’s attempt to control the events happening to us: by Healing our  Wounds and by Listening to the voice of our Daimon, spirit guide and healing with myths. The Daimon does not speak in words like the mind but speaks in images because the image is the thing that comes first then the mind comes and covers the image with the veil of Maya. Being in the company of a good Daimon, a good destiny leads to Eudaimonia, happiness, the fulfilment of one’s destiny. And the mind comes and says it is madness. If one fulfils one’s destiny one is happy, regardless of one’s fate.

We will practice shamanic yoga which  is ancestral, ancient, pre-vedic. It has the element of ecstasy, of a non ordinary state of consciousness, where you work with nature, animals, yantras, mantras, mudras, rituals, initiations in the imaginal forest, in the natural code, non the social code.  Merceliade says that this yoga is the oldest form of yoga and we find it in various traditions: Hindu tradition (Shaktism), Himalayan (Naropa, Milarepa etc), South America (Andean yoga), Siberia, Mongolia, Japan (Yamabushi), Taoism, Alchemy.

Shamanic yoga is not an exercise of the body, but a mystical, esoteric and initiatory healing practice that is distinguished by two characteristics; the first is ecstasy, the ability to communicate with the invisible, regaining the state of non-duality that is the typical goal of the yogin’s path. Ecstasy is not achieved by hypnosis or drugs or external means, but by means of instruments such as the drum, the breath and is not the trance of the medium. The shaman does not speak through the voice of spirits but draws knowledge directly from them.
The second characteristic is the ability to bring back through narration or storytelling what has been grasped in the invisible worlds, during the shamanic journey, and to convince the matter to transform into reality what is told. Through narrative I awaken forces that then I can bring to life.