Ikigai Coaching

Sessions can happen both online and in person.

IKIGAI  is that thing that gives our existence a marvellous intensity, it is what gives meaning to life or, as the French would say, its raison d’etre. There is a fire inside us: it can burn with more force, it can weaken, but then it can come back stronger than ever. Ikigai cannot be a simple mental vision, as it is wider, deeper and absolute than the thinking mind. You can only live it, and only by living it can you know it. Living your Ikigai is a joy, a continuous source of satisfaction, completion and fulfillment. The work we are going to do together does not make use of theories, but suggests revelatory experiences that everyone can do on their own, in full autonomy, with great simplicity.

This word comes from the island of Okinawa and  is formed by the union of two words: iki which means ‘life’ and gai  that  is ‘what is worthwhile’ which the ancients called “happiness”, your soul mission. 

Our session together will be a deep inner journey, suitable for those who already know their life mission and those who have no clue at all about it or just are not aware how to combine their gifts and skills. You will reconnect with your inner voice and true skills to realize your true life mission.

This is a journey that requires at least 6 sessions but you can book the first one and then we can go from there.