Sessions can be booked both Online and In Person.

SHAMANIC HEALING can happen in a variety of forms through energy extractions of intrusion in your energy field, soul retrievals and counselling (6 sessions of shamanic journeys). We can tailor a bespoke session or series after our conversation at the beginning of our time together.

We can work together to solve one of these imbalances in your life, where you feel:  

  • lost and without life purpose,
  • unhappy and unsatisfied,
  • anxious and worried,
  • overwhelmed and stressed,
  • without energy and hope,
  • uncertain about your future,
  • stuck in repetitive dynamics,
  • unable to manifest abundance,
  • incapable of making decisions,
  • not aligned with your heart,
  • disconnected from the universe,
  • impatient and impulsive,
  • not focused and balanced,
  • with low esteem and more


We are all created from energy, as well as the objects we hold and the situations we are in, meaning that we are surrounded by both positive and negative energy. We all experience hard times and setbacks, but ignoring the negative energy that may keep resurfacing will greatly affect our relationships and balance, especially of our home.  The negative things in our lives can easily take a massive toll on our mental health and emotional state without us even realizing it. 

Cleansing our home from negative energies or simply from spirits that have lost their ways towards the light and need help in this transition (which is called “shamanic psychopomp”) is a beautiful help we are providing to these souls to find their peace after death.

I can assist you, as a shamanic practitioner, to take healing to your home or to any spirits that may be involved. 

When is a house cleansing required?

*Before moving to a new home, as we the property has surely energy blockages from previous experiences of the inhabitants, likely brought on by the challenges of life.

*Any time we need to start a new project or phase in our life and we need to cut old energetic cords that bind us and our space to old happenings.

*After personal difficulties or illness

*If anyone at home is having problems sleeping.

How is the cleansing done?

Through incense, sound, light, mantras and a shamanic journey. And whatever my Spirit Allies guide me through my intuition.