Feather Stone Training

Who is this course for:

All those who want to work with energy healing for themselves and/or others 

All those who are already working with energy

All those who want to connect more with nature

Feathers are the high vibrations from the spirit, the alignment to the sky. We think they are light and vulnerable but in the spiritual reality they are like a hammer, very strong.

Stones remind us about being grounded, they represent earth. Every stone radiates energy and they are electromagnetic and they are spiritual sponges, very gentle, fragile, even if we think they are hard.

Feather Stone is a wonderful energy practice that can be used by anyone through the power of unconditional Love. You can become a channel to heal yourself and others through the use of natural elements and sound. 

This certified practitioner short course has been inspired by the spirits and created by Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday, founders of the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre. I am very honoured to have the opportunity to offer it to you as a tool of transformation. 

We are a globally certified IPHM training provider (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).

You can choose: Online 

or at the Art and Spirituality Centre

6-8 Alexander Drive EH11 2RH Edinburgh


It requires  a full week-end 10am-5pm. 

9th -10th November 2024


It is one full day only 10am-5pm Choose a date

25th January 2025

Topics of the course:

*Preparing for the healing session

*Tuning with your own skills and talents and create your own unique way of healing: empowering yourself

*Structure of healing sessions

*The four stages of healing: release, cleansing, balance, restoraration

*Closing the sacred space 

*Protecting yourself

*Working with animals, children, people with epilepsy, cancer or in hospital


Sounds and voice

Working with your Power Animals and Spirit Guides

Opening and closing chakras for cleansing, spinning, balancing,

Working with addictions

Cutting cord


2 days of training with certificate upon completion of some homeworks

High/medium income £250

Low income £200


1 day of training with certificate

High/medium income £200

Low income £150