1 to 1 sessions

Shamanic 1 to 1 sessions can happen ONLINE or IN PERSON. 

We can work together using different methods.

Please read below to choose the session that is more appropriate for you (you’ll be asked to select one in the booking process)  If you have questions please drop me an email giada@invisiblecaims.com

Don’t worry if you do not know what to select, just come and I’ll be happy to help you:-)

A) Shamanic healing  We can work together to solve one of these imbalances in your life, where you feel:  lost and without life purpose, unhappy and unsatisfied, anxious and worried, overwhelmed and stressed, without energy and hope, uncertain about your future, stuck in repetitive dynamics, unable to manifest abundance, incapable of making decisions,not aligned with your heart, disconnected from the universe,impatient and impulsive, not focused and balanced, with low esteem and more?

B) Shamanic counselling   is  a system that follows ancient principles of shamanism, not of psychology or of other Western systems. It is not derived from one specific culture or ethnic tradition, but is based on core principles and especially adapted for use in contemporary life and society. This method will be tailored according to your own needing, after our conversation, but it requires a commitment of 6 sessions to complete the whole journey. It is a process system for discovering your own spiritual power, abilities and the wisdom to deal successfully with daily life and  provide help and direction and not answers that are within you already. 

C) Ikigai coaching to find your soul mission through shamanic work   Ikigai is the manifestation, the realization of who you are. It has always been with you, it is your reason for being. Some people are lucky to find a job that corresponds to their true passion. They earn a living doing what they love. But there are a lot of people that do not have such a privilege or can’t find the courage for such a big change.The Japanese people from the island of Okinawa have a word for you: Ikigai. It’s your “reason for being”, where you combine what you love with what you are good.  Ikigai is ‘what makes you happy to get out of bed in the morning’ and is formed by the union of two words: iki which means ‘life’ and gai  that  is ‘what is worthwhile’ which the ancients called “happiness”, your soul mission.  Our session together will be a deep inner journey, suitable for those who already know their life mission and those who have no clue at all about it or just are not aware how to combine their gifts and skills. You will reconnect with your inner voice and true skills to realize your true life mission.

D) Shamanic session to find your Spirit Guide  We all have one Spirit Guide that accompanies us from our birth throughout our own life. This Spirit is always with you but it does not use words to communicate with you to guide you in your destiny. Your Spirit uses images that you need to learn to see and understand, as there is the key to the following steps in your life journey. Being in the company of a good Daimon (the Greek word for Spirit Guide) , a good destiny, leads you to Eudaimonia, happiness, the fulfillment of your destiny.  In our shamanic session, I will teach you how to learn to see these images and use them to be accompanied in all your challenges. The solution is your hand, you just need to learn how to use it. 

E) 1-1 Shamanic Divination and find your 9 power animals  Everyone has nine power or totem animals that emulate each person’s abilities, talents and challenges.  For example if a person is connected to Wolf as a power animal, that person is a born teacher, pathfinder, innovator. This does not mean that the person has acknowledged the gifts. The 9 animals are one for each of Direction (4 plus above, below, within) and two animals that walk aside you each time and that maybe have come to you in dreams for years or that you are simply drawn to. Through the use of cards, while connecting to my Spirit Allies, I will find out which animals are your main guides into your life. Afterwards you will have the opportunity, while tuning with the 9 animals, 

A) to ask a burning question. Divination does not mean to foresee future, but to tune your own wisdom to be guided about how to read your inner light simply using a stone.  You will need 3 medium/big stones with some marks on them and we will then choose 1 and I will guide you through the full process, both online or in person. 

B) or to receive your full essence and symbol from me though “soul remembrance : I will undertake a shamanic journey for you to retrieve the essence of your gifts and talents and a symbol to be blown into your solar plexus. This can be done online or in person