Become a Spiritual Warrior Mentor

A journey through Japanese shamanism and philosophy in 13 modules during 3 full week-ends, available online and in person, to become a Spiritual Warrior Mentor and learn practical shamanic practices to use in your sessions and group work. 

This will require the completion of some case studies and homeworks. 
It gives you the opportunity to add a job qualification to your holistic experience that can be used in individual sessions or group events.

We are a globally certified IPHM training provider (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).

  • MODULE 1 Loving your imperfection through Wabi Sabi: accept the impermanence of things and recognise the beauty of imperfection, learning to flow like a river. In this module you will learn not to attach yourself to a theory, to a knowledge, but learn how to become flexible in order to be powerful and solve any life problem.

  • MODULE 2 Embrace your wish to change through Kaizen: Kaizen is an approach to creating continuous improvement based on the idea that small, ongoing positive changes can reap significant improvements compared to radical changes to achieve transformation. In this module you will learn how to master the art of creating habits. 
  • MODULE 3 Face life challenges and storm through Hanafubuki: through ‘the cherry blossom storm’ we have the magical moment when the sakuras begin to fall, creating a delicate blizzard of petals. This concept of ephemeral beauty is a metaphor for human life, rich and beautiful but also fragile and fleeting. In this module you will learn how to remain calm to make the best decisions.
  • MODULE 4 Express your own emotions and welcome those of others through Omoiyari: Omoiyari is commonly translated to empathy, but it actually has a deeper meaning; it literally means to give your thoughts to others. In this module you will learn how to release your own emotions and develop empathy and compassion for others.
  • MODULE 5 Repair your own soul wounds through Kintsugi: Kintsugi is the  art of mending broken objects with gold, it is the art of treasuring your wounds by repairing them with the gold of pure aesthetic experience. The wounds of our lives are seen through the eyes of the soul,which receives and heals them with the gold of death,of rebirth and freedom. In this module you will learn to perform a rite of passage after which nothing will be  the same as before.
  • MODULE 6 Master the art of patience through Nintai: Nintai is the power of enduring without complaint, without looking for quick results. It means sticking to your path, trusting the process, to your beliefs. In this module you will learn to never give up, to wait for the right time for things to happen. 
  • MODULE 7 How gratitude changes you and your brain through Itadakimasu: this word means “I humbly receive” and relates to the traditional way of showing gratitude by elevating above one’s head the gift received. Through time, itadakimasu became the expression showing appreciation for the food received. In this module you will learn the benefits of gratitude on your mental health.
  • MODULE 8 Learn to become grounded through Shinrin-Yoku: Immersion in nature has scientifically proven therapeutic effects: it can reduce stress hormone concentrations in the body, strengthen the immune system, regulate blood pressure and heart rate, and lower cholesterol. Shinrin-Yoku is an adventure of deep communion with nature. In this module you will learn how to ground yourself. 
  • MODULE 9 Develop the best version of you through Hanasaki: this is the blossom of a flower.  You will use this word for blossoming the best version of yourself. No matter who you are, where you come from, what your path has been so far, in this module you will learn to aspire to a better version of yourself.
  • MODULE 10 Less is more: learn to declutter and simplify your life through Danshari: There’s a new movement rising around the world. Perhaps you’ve heard of it: Danshari. It means “refusal, disposal and separation” You can simply translate it as cleaning or tidying up, but this word means more than this. In this module you will learn to abandon attachment to objects and make a better use of them.
  • MODULE 11 Connect with your soul mission through Ikigai: ikigai is that thing that gives our existence a marvellous intensity, it is what gives meaning to life or, as the French would say, its raison d’etre. There is a fire inside us: it can burn with more force, it can weaken, but then it can come back stronger than ever. Ikigai cannot be a simple mental vision, as it is wider, deeper and absolute than the thinking mind. You can only live it, and only by living it can you know it.  In this module you will learn the first steps to move nearer to your soul mission. 
  • MODULE 12 Accept your own shadows, feeling a part of the universe through Yugen: Beauty is Darkness. Shadows are what allow the visible to emerge. The whole world and ourselves are a constant duality: we wake up and go to bed, the sun rises and goes down, we feel on top of the world and we feel stressed, we move in and out, we feel active and we feel lazy and so on. It’s the natural flow of the universe, nothing lasts in the same status forever. In this module you will learn to keep this duality between inner light and darkness stable and to reach the perfect moment. 
  • MODULE 13 Accept the impermanence of life through mono no aware: this is the deep feeling or pathos of things, the powerful emotions that objects can evoke or instil in us. It is often associated with a poignant feeling of transience, a beautiful sadness in the passing of lives and objects, like the glorious colour of autumn leaves as they are about to fall. In this module you will learn how to let go of our attachments to transient things.

Through this certified course you will learn these for yourself and to help others in their transformation if you are an holistic therapist:

● to become grounded and calm
● to create fundamental daily habits
● to have the right approach to solve any life challenge and storm
● how to flow with life
● to express your emotions and develop compassion
● to repair your own wounds
● to practise patience and gratitude
● to become a better version of yourself
● to be nearer to meet your soul mission

You can choose: Online (either live or receiving the recordings) 

or at the Art and Spirituality Centre

6-8 Alexander Drive EH11 2RH Edinburgh

First week-end 12th-13th October 2024 10am-5pm each day Modules 1,2,3,4

Second week-end 11th-12th January 2025 10am-5pm each day Modules 5,6,7,8,9

Third week-end 15th-16th March 2025 10am-5pm each day Modules 10,11,12,13

If you are not available to attend, you can catch up with the recordings and do your homeworks in order to qualify. 

You an also attend one or two week-ends only but you will not qualify

The full course with qualification:  £450

Deposit £150, second payment of £300  December 2024

Individual week-ends with no qualification £150 each