Cacao Ceremony


Thesession can happen ONLINE or IN PERSON. If online and you wish to receive the cacao bar via mail, material and shipment costs will be applied, otherwise I will suggest where to purchase your ceremonial cacao. 

Cacao is a sacred plant for the indigenous people, who call it ‘The Drink of the Gods’. This is also the meaning of the scientific name given to the cacao plant Theobroma Cacao (Theo – God, broma – drink).

To give the cacao spirit the opportunity to enter the person who takes it, the traditional way is to do it through a specific ceremony.

It has been used for millennia by the indigenous peoples of Central America as an essential element in rituals. The Cacao Spirit was considered one of the most important deities in the Mayan cosmovision. In Mexico, the Aztecs considered it so precious that cocoa beans were regarded as coins.

Ceremonial cacao is very different from the cacao found in our supermarkets. It is produced by simply cold milling cocoa beans from indigenous plants, after which the beans are lightly roasted and peeled.

In this way, the cacao contains all the elements of the fruit in its entirety, including the cacao butter, which in industrial production is immediately separated.

Returning to the ceremony, the intake of cacao is a sacred moment to connect with the Divine through a deep inner journey from the heart. Cacao has the property of encouraging a loving opening of the heart, allowing you to listen to the deepest parts of yourself.

it is through the Heart that the connection with Heaven, Heart of Heaven, and with Earth, Heart of Earth, takes place.

The heart is the seat of love in all traditional cultures, sometimes it is also the seat of some wounds that one receives in life, that is why Cacao has an effect first of all of releasing and releasing the emotions that bring the pains of life, but later it connects the individual with the true and great Heart, seat of infinite, unlimited Love.

Mama Cacao also works on our Ancestors, it has the ability to release and heal the suffering that was theirs.

The Cacao Ceremony leads to a very profound experience of healing, especially towards the awareness that each person’s life is in any case imbued with Pure Love, from the moment of conception to the moment of the present breath. Love, also in the Mayan tradition, is the engine of all life, it is the source and source of well-being, harmony and balance of the entire Cosmos.

Before attending, you will receive a full form to fill and extra info.