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Healthy Employees = A Healthy Company


After 20 years experience running corporate events throughout the world (from big conventions with 3000 delegates to the World Olympics in London in 2012) and 20 years ongoing journey to learn how to keep my balance and health stable through my personal development with thousands of workshops and courses in meditation, yoga, breathwork and more, I decided it was the time for me to merge my two paths together for the benefit of others, companies and people. As companies are made of people.

Being part of the events industry for so long has given me the skills and the exact understanding of what I was suffering through, of the real concrete issues that only a stressful environment can carry, being able to talk the same language, as I had personally gone through it and suffered from it.

But these hard times have been my best training to practice and to understand that I wanted to deliver a valid tool and concrete help to companies and employees, sharing what helped me to become a better person delivering better results through my passion. This has been my WHY to become a certified Corporate Mental Health Facilitator and Creative Coach.

Giada Gaslini

Healthy employees = a healthy company

The more you prioritise corporate health and wellbeing, the more benefits you’ll see, from motivated and engaged staff members to reduced staff turnover. However, you’re probably wondering by now what corporate wellbeing strategies have to do with your brand, and the image you present to the world around you.

Corporate wellbeing has a direct effect on branding that many companies forget about.

Happier teams make for happier customers

For corporate health and wellbeing strategies to be successful, they need to become an essential component of your company culture. The only way to make that happen is to align your wellbeing programs with the vision and the purpose of you brand.

I can help you deliver a bespoke training and programme or simply few workshops to align your beliefs as a company with supporting the wellness of your employees. If you just feel you would love to offer some relaxation to your team, then a corporate yoga or meditation class with focus on the team work is the right choice.

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