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Healing, Counselling, Ikigai,
Divination, Numerology,
Shamanic Yoga

Online and in Edinburgh

Shamanic 1 to 1 sessions can happen ONLINE or IN PERSON

We can work together using different methods. Please read below to choose the session that is more appropriate for you (you’ll be asked to select one in the booking process, but if you are not sure what to select, don’t worry) If you have questions please drop me an

Don’t worry if you do not know what to select, just come and I’ll be happy to help you 🙂


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing can happen in a variety of forms through energy extractions of intrusion in your energy field, soul retrievals and counselling (6 sessions of shamanic journeys). We can tailor a bespoke session or series after our conversation at the beginning of our time together.

Divination and Find Your Spirit Guide

Shamanic Divination does not mean to foresee future, but to tune your own wisdom to be guided about how to read your inner light simply using a stone. You will need 3 medium/big stones with some marks on them and we will then choose 1 and I will guide you through the full process to find the answer to a burning question.

Together in the session we can also find your 9 Power Animals

Ikigai Coaching - Find Your Soul Mission

Ikigai is the manifestation, the realization of who you are. It has always been with you, it is your reason for being. Some people are lucky to find a job that corresponds to their true passion. They earn a living doing what they love. But there are a lot of people that do not have such a privilege or can’t find the courage for such a big change.

The Japanese people from the island of Okinawa have a word for you: Ikigai. It’s your “reason for being”, where you combine what you love with what you are good. Ikigai is ‘what makes you happy to get out of bed in the morning’ and is formed by the union of two words: iki which means ‘life’ and gai that is ‘what is worthwhile’ which the ancients called “happiness”, your soul mission. DISCOVER MORE

Esoteric Numerology Reading

An esoteric numerology reading means that my interpretation is determined by the energy that I feel when I write down your date of birth, your name and all the numbers that come with it. It starts with notions, but whether or not these are developed as potentials in your life, this is perceivable by the vibration that your numbers give off. How is an individual Numerology consultation carried out? DISCOVER MORE

Shamanic Yoga

A personalized 1-1 session of Shamanic Yoga is a session of healing of the body according to the blockages and limitations that appear to your eyes, which give us the key to solve in a marvellous way what your soul needs. This yoga is suitable to everyone and it is very easy and creative.

Shamanic Yoga is ancestral, ancient, pre-vedic. It has the element of ecstasy, of a non ordinary state of consciousness, where you work with nature, animals, yantras, mantras, mudras, rituals, initiations in the imaginal forest, in the natural code, non the social code. DISCOVER MORE